Karam Assany's Blog

Contact info

You can contact me on the email: karam.assany@disroot.org.

Please use PGP! My public key exists here. The fingerprint of the primary key looks like:
CFEF B7F1 A440 1251 EB71
For extra credibility, the fingerprint is also available on my Mastodon and Codeberg accounts' headers.

A note about my old emails and PGP keys

My old Google-hosted email (karam.assany.web@gmail.com) and the newer Tutanota email (karam.assany@tuta.io) are used for secondary purposes. You can contact me via them but I still prefer using my primary email (above). I switched from Gmail to Tutanota as a step forwarding leaving Google entirely, but Tutanota didn't provide IMAP so I switched to Disroot.
In the near past, I have publish and then revoked my PGP public key, and now I have to do it again. You can still use my older PGP key if you wish to email me via Gmail, here it is and here is the fingerprint:

967A EDB7 2B32 4DD7 BD82
67F6 F4B0 A04B 3DF3 CA7B

Git repos

My own git repositories are hosted at Codeberg within the username @karam, and are mirrored at Notabug within the same username. I use Github and Gitlab for contribution only.

Social media accounts

I particularly don't use any of Facebook products (Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp).

Accounts that looks to be mine but are unlisted here are either private or abandoned. Please inform me in case you suspect someone else is impersonating me (lol who would :) ).