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Stop using Facebook

Facebook is indeed a global surveillance agency

I'm not so obsessed about privacy (at least the time when I stopped using Facebook), I'm concerned, however, that Facebook is out there explicitly datamining users. Facebook is proved to be dishonest which is a clear signal for everyone to stop trusting it.

Facebook is not a real platform for social media

Many people think that Facebook is the sole and the most professional service for social media. But the reality shows there are way too many alternatives for Facebook, whether centralized, federated/distributed or peer-to-peer.

Facebook is a suitable host for negative expression

"Negative people" are everywhere, but in Facebook, they find the easiest way to express themselves, and hurt other people. Hate speech is flooding over the feed. This is unaccepted even in Facebook's so-called community guidelines, but Facebook is silent.

Very popular in my country!

Although this may sound a non-real reason for a while. But yes, it's been one of my main reasons to quit Facebook, for a long time. Facebook is popular in my country, and I don't like to see my local people in my digital life, especially when they misuse the services for their shitty purposes.
Facebook is meant for families and friends. But rethink about it; you can actually see your family in your real life, and have activities with them, so why do you have to do the same in the digital life too? Because of Facebook mechanism of friendships, I find it hard to express myself or to discuss people in large communities. Twitter is the best for microblogging and is very efficient for the people who want to express their ideas (like me), and Reddit enjoys massive communities and its mechanism is better to share materials with others.

I really hate Facebook

I admit I used Facebook intensively for many years, but it doesn't mean I liked it. I hate Facebook because they blocked my account twice for unclear reasons. Until the moment I deleted my account, they haven't allowed me to put my primary email on my profile, it is blocked. Facebook is very rude to its users, so why not switch to a more friendly platform? You should! Now!

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