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Why I only recommend free software

Baby Gnu and Baby Tux
Baby Gnu & Baby Tux - by Nicolas Rougier
"With software, either the users control the program (free software) or the program controls the users (proprietary or nonfree software)." - Richard Stallman

Note: When I say "free software", I refer to freedom, not price.

First off, my nature as a programmer seems to be the reason, but you guess not. Regular users should be concerned about software freedom before powerusers and hackers!

Fun facts

  1. In the beginning, all software was essentially free. That's the way it should be. But for some reason, some people started to introduce a new concept of software development: software property, copyrighted binaries and later "software patents", leading proprietary software into existence.
  2. All software that ever existed (with zero exceptions) has started as free software, but then it's up to the developer to turn it nonfree (unethical conduct) or keep it free.
  3. While the free software movement and the open source camp still do not agree on a mutual word to describe the good type of software (i.e. free software vs. open source software), they certainly agree upon a word that descibes the bad type of software (i.e. proprietary). And that has much to say how the two camps are essentially fighting the same enemy.