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A short bio

I'm Karam. An 18-solar-year-old homo sapien indiviual living on the surface of the solid crust of Earth. I tend to call myself a freethinker, however I can't guarantee that is true. I'm a fan of minimalism and simplicity. Currently interested in cryptography, low-level programming and networking, and digital electronics. I'm slightly interested in the philosophy of mathematics, music theory, economics and studying languages (both formal and natural.) My hobbies include, but certainly not limited to, hacking around complex systems like computers, spending long nights reading whole wikis and sometimes building stuff myself. Learning languages, reading manga, watching anime, and retrogaming are also ones of my favorite hobbies that I sadly cannot often do.

CV and stuff

Most of the education I undergo is informal (and most of the time it is self-taught.) I don't really care about academic certificates; they're just pieces of paper that virtually prove nothing beyond passing a bunch of exams in a specific school. If you care about skills more than licenses, see next.


On the communicational side, I can (and do) read/write/listen/speak these languages: Syrian (native), Arabic and English. I did English-to-Arabic translations many times in the past. I also understand very basic Japanese.

On the techie side, I have a basic understanding of the mechanisms of GNU/Linux operating systems and Unix in general. I'm not very good at sysadmin skills but I can call myself a poweruser. Besides system management, I also do programming. My favorite language currently is Python (very likely to change in the future, perhabs Scheme is the next one). I can also programme in PHP and Javascript. I have some experience in Object Pascal because it was my previous favorite language. For an overview, you can see my git repositories at Codeberg.